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1. Single Frequency Ruby Laser with a Variable Radiation Frequency under Giant Pulse Operating Conditions
2. Investigation of the Time-dependent Characteristics of a Q-switched Ruby Laser Driven by an External Signal
3. Influence of the Hydrostatic Effect on the Specific Heat Cv at the Critical Point in a Pure Substance
4. Excitation of ultrashort light pulses in a ruby ring laser with resonance loss modulation
5. Theta pinch in germanium
6. Scaling theory and the equation of state of argon in a wide region around the critical point
7. Decay of bounded laser beams in nonlinear media
8. Thermodynamic Quantities for Pure Liquids and the Applicability of the Asymptotic Laws Near the Critical Point
9. Critical exponents of liquids
10. Investigation of the processes of relaxation of electron excitation in crystals for arbitrary relationships between interaction microparameters and concentrations of energy donors and acceptors
11. Role of the crystal structures in the hopping models of luminescence extinction
12. Effect of crystal lattice structure on the kinetics of hopping quenching of luminescence
13. Resonant excitation of an anharmonic quantum-mechanical oscillator
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