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1. Effect of tantalum and tungsten impurity on the phonon spectrum of vanadium
2. Quasilocal vibrations produced in dilute V1-xPtx alloys under conditions of a strong restructuring of phonon spectrum of V
3. Influence of anharmonic modes on the electron spectrum and superconducting properties of Zr30Be30 metallic glass
4. Soft anharmonic vibrational states in metallic glasses
5. Short-range order, atomic dynamics, and specific heat of the amorphous Zr-Be system
6. Influence of relaxation on the vibrational spectrum of metallic glass Zr67Cu33
G.F. Syrykh
JETP, 1989, Vol. 69, No. 4, p. 824
PDF (121.9K)

7. Variation in the partial densities of Ni and B atom vibrational states with morphization of Ni2B
8. Neutron and microcontact investigations of characteristics of the electron-phonon interaction in technetium
9. Vibrational spectra of the alloys Vo0.75Ti0.25 and Vo0.75Cr0.125
10. Calorimetric investigation of the changes in the electron and phonon spectra of the V-Pt system
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