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1. NMR investigation of spin flip phase transitions in yttrium-terbium iron garnets
2. Low-temperature spin configuration of iron ions in erbium orthoferrite
3. NMR investigation of GdxY1-xFe2 compounds
4. Experimental and theoretical investigation of spin-reorientation phase transitions in cubic ferromagnets and ferrimagnets in a magnetic field
5. NMR investigation of the anisotropy of hyperfine interactions of orthoferrites
6. Neutron diffraction investigations of the magnetic structure of the copper-chromium chalcogenide spinel CuCr2S4
7. High-frequency properties of ErFeO3 in the ordering region of rare-earth systems
8. NMR study of effect of hydrostatic pressure on local magnetic fields in Y6Fe23
9. Induced hyperfine interactions at the nuclei of the O2- ions in ferrite spinels
10. NMR investigation of spin flip in TmCrO3
11. The nature of the soft mode at the low-temperature phase transition in ErFe03
12. Magnetic resonance in the intermediate state of ErFeO3
13. Observation of bottleneck effect in NMR in rare-earth orthochromites
14. Spin-reorientation process induced by an external magnetic field in erbium orthoferrite in the temperature range for ordering of the rare-earth ions
15. NMR investigation of the effect of hydrostatic pressure on magnetization of the intermetallic compound YFe2
16. Distribution of electron spin density in intermetallic yttrium-iron compounds
17. Spin-flip and nuclear quadrupole Interactions In the rare-earth orthochromltes GdCr03
18. Quadrupole splitting and nuclear magnetic relaxation in ErCr03 near a Morin-type phase transition
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