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1. Energy band structure and anomalies of the photoconductivity, electrical resistivity, and magnetoresistance of chalcogenide compounds Cd1-xGaxCr2Se4
2. Influence of Doping with Copper on the Magnetic and Electrical Properties of the Chalcogenide Spinel CdCr2S4
3. Temperature and magnetic-field dependences of the resistivity of Ga-doped CdCr2Se4 single crystals
4. Electrical properties of copper-doped CdCr2Se4
5. Characteristics of the photoconductivlty of lightly and heavily doped n-type CdCr2Se4 single crystals
6. Destruction of the spin glass state by indirect exchange via conduction electrons in the xCuCr2S4-(1-x)Ga2/3Cr2S4 solid-solution system
7. Singularities of magnetic properties of doped CdCr2Se4 single crystals in the region of the Curie point
8. Singularities of electric, photoelectric, and magnetic properties of CdCr2Se4 single crystals with large amounts of In added
9. Antiferron states of charge carriers in the ferromagnetic semiconductors CuCr2S4-xSex(0.5 \le x \le 1.5) with Curie points above room temperature
L.I. Koroleva
JETP, 1994, Vol. 79, No. 1, p. 153
PDF (338.4K)

10. Critical behavior of semiconductor spin glasses xCuCr2Se4-(1-x)Cu0.5Me0.5Cr2Se4 (Me=In, Ga; 0 \le x < 0.1)
11. The spin glass state and its suppression by indirect exchange via current carriers in the system of solid solutions xCuCr2Se4 -(1-x)Cu0.5Me0.5Cr2Se4(Me = In, Ga)
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