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1. Kinetics of Radiative Polarization
2. The kinetics and integral characteristics of synchrotron radiation at high energies
3. Radiation Emitted by Relativistic Particles in Periodic Structures
4. Operator approach to quantum electrodynamics in an external field: The mass operator
5. The theory of quantum processes in the field of a strong electromagnetic wave
6. Interaction between a photon and an intense electromagnetic wave
7. Operator approach to quantum electrodynamics in an external field. Electron loops
8. Radiative recombination and its application in experiments on electron cooling
9. Semiclassical theory of electromagnetic processes in a plane wave and a constant field
10. Radiation from electrons in tungsten crystals
11. Production of a positron and a bound electron by a high-energy photon in a strong Coulomb field
12. Radiation from relativistic particles colliding in a medium in the presence of an external field
13. Emission of radiation by high-energy particles in oriented single crystals
14. Production of electron-positron pairs by high-energy photons in oriented crystals
15. Radiation of relativistic particles moving quasiperiodically
16. Coherent scattering of high-energy photons In a Coulomb field
17. Density of induced charge in a strong Coulomb field
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