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1. Generation of optical phonons in semiconductors following intraband absorption of electromagnetic radiation
2. Electric dipole echo in glasses
3. Theory of resonance saturation of IR absorption in semiconductors with degenerate resonance bands in electric and magnetic fields
4. Nonlinear rf hopping conductivity of semiconductors in connection with spectral diffusion
5. Spectral diffusion and phonon bottleneck in glasses
6. Thermal expansion of glasses at low temperatures: sensitivity to the two-level-system model
7. Theory of linear IR absorption by semiconductors with degenerate bands
8. Parameters of soft atomic potentials in glasses
9. The thermal conductivity of glasses at temperatures below the Debye temperature
10. Interaction between electron-hole drops and dislocations in semiconductors
11. Inverted distributions and carrier bunching in momentum space in a magnetic field crossed with an alternating electric field
12. Nonlinear resonant absorption in glasses and spectral diffusion. Absorption by small particles
13. Nonlinear relaxation absorption of ultrasound in amorphous metals
14. High-frequency hopping conductivity of semiconductors: theory of nonlinear and quantum effects
15. Quantum theory of acoustic and electromagnetic nonresonant absorption in glasses
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