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1. Condensation of Nonequilibrium Carriers in Silicon
2. Exciton and electron-hole-drop radiation polarization induced in germanium by uniaxial compression
3. Many-particle impurity complexes in silicon doped with boron, phosphorus, and antimony
4. Electron-hole drop radiation in the far infrared part of the spectrum
5. Luminescence of excitons bound to phosphorus atoms in silicon subjected to a magnetic field
6. Multiparticle impurity complexes in uniaxially deformed silicon doped with phosphorus
7. Interaction of electron-hole drops in germanium with constant and alternating magnetic fields
8. Kinetics of the interaction of nonequilibrium carriers in germanium with alternating and constant magnetic fields at low temperatures
9. Polarization of recombination radiation of multiparticle exciton-impurity complexes in silicon under uniaxial deformation
10. The effect of oxygen impurity on the emission by bound excitons in silicon
11. The scattering of charge carriers in large electron-hole drops in germanium
12. Investigation of the structure of many-particle exciton-impurity complexes bound to phosphorus atoms in silicon
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