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1. Investigation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Adsorbed Gas
2. Anisotropy of the Absorption of Ultrasound in Metals in a Magnetic Field
3. Anisotropy of the Absorption Coefficients of Ultrasonics in Superconductors
4. Discontinuous Attenuation of Current in a Superconducting Ring
5. Electronic Resonance in Current-Carrying Solutions
6. Cyclotron Resonance in Indium at 9300 Mcs
7. Oscillations in the Absorption Coefficient of Sound in Tin at Low Temperatures
8. Absorption of Ultrasound in Zinc at Low Temperatures
9. The Kinetics of the Destruction of Superconductivity by a Magnetic Field
10. Investigation of the Surface Resistance of Tin in Weak Magnetic Fields
11. Cyclotron Resonance in Lead at 8,900 Mcs
12. Dispersion of Sound in Metals in a Magnetic Field
13. Cyclotron Resonance in Tin at 9300 Mcs
14. Investigation of the Anisotropy of the Energy Gap in Superconducting Tin
15. Effective Masses of Electons Corresponding to the De Haas-Van Alphen Effect in Aluminum
16. Magneto-acoustic Oscillations and the Fermi Surface in Aluminum
17. Paramagnetic Resonance in Metallic Aluminum
18. Magneto-Acoustic Resonance in Aluminum
19. Influence of Low-frequency Fluctuations on Superconducting Tunneling
20. Low Frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance in Copper Chloride Dihydrate and Phase Transitions
21. Investigation of the Tunnel Effect in Lead and Thallium under Pressure
22. Determination of the energy gap parameter and of the electron-phonon interaction in superconductors from the tunnel data
23. Isotropic exchange interaction of pairs on Ni2+ ions in zinc fluorosilicate at high pressures
24. Manifestation of band structure effects in tunneling in metals
25. Magnetoacoustic investigation of the electron structure of gallium under pressure
26. Phase diagram of a uniaxial antiferromagnet
27. Oscillations of the rf surface resistance of zinc
28. Magnetic phase transitions in nickel fluosilicate under pressure
29. Diagram of corresponding states of easy-axis antiferromagnets
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