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1. Angular Distribution of Tritons from the Reaction Li7(α, t) Be8
2. Investigation of the Reactions (\alpha, {\alpha}^{\prime}), (α, p), and (α, t) on Lithium Nuclei
3. "Anomalous" variation of the Mössbauer isomer shift of Te125 in defective diamond-like semiconductors
4. Effect of atoms of second coordination sphere on the Mössbauer spectra of 119Sn in diamondlike crystals
5. Calibration of the Mössbauer isomer shift in 119Sn
6. Concerning the calibration of the Mössbauer isomer shift from data on the chemical changes of the electron-capture probabilities
K.V. Makaryunas
JETP, 1981, Vol. 54, No. 2, p. 241
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7. Role of inner electron shells of the atom in the chemical change of the probability of the converted M4 transition in 119Sn
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