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1. Effect of resonance scattering of phonons on spin-lattice relaxation of paramagnetic centers
2. Nonlinear effect of uniaxial pressure in the EPR spectrum of a Cr0 Jahn-Teller center in Si
3. Giant spin splitting of excitonic states in the hexagonal crystal CdSe:Mn
4. Effects of space-frequency correlation and EPR on supergratings
5. Free magnetic polaron in a Van Vleck semimagnetic semiconductor
6. Effect of giant spin splitting of bands on the optical polarization and relaxation of localized moments in semiconductors
Yu. G. Semenov
JETP, 1981, Vol. 54, No. 4, p. 794
PDF (297.8K)

7. Spin-correlation effects for a large-radius electron center in a magnetically mixed semiconductor
8. Spin polarization of localized magnetic moments in Cd0,95Mn_0,05Te in exchange scattering by photoexcited carriers
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