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Поиск публикаций автора "S.M. Ryabchenko"
Найдено 15
1. High-frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance in Anhydrous NiCl2
2. Nuclear magnetic resonance of chlorine in the internal field of a magnetically ordered layered compound of graphite with NiCI2
3. Magnetoresonance investigations of antiferromagnetic FeCI3
4. Nonlinear properties of ferrites at low temperatures
5. Spin-lattice relaxation due to flexural vibrations in layered crystals
6. Optical-magnetic resonance and relaxation of Tm2+ in CaF2
7. NMR of two-dimensionally-magnetically-ordered compounds containing graphite and CoCI2 or NiCI2
8. Antiferromagnetic resonance in layered CoCl2 and NiCI2 crystals
9. Magneto-optical investigations of the exciton band in CdTe:Mn2+
10. Influence of spatial dispersion and of a surface layer on the phase of light reflected from a CdS crystal
11. Giant spin splitting of excitonic states in the hexagonal crystal CdSe:Mn
12. Anomalous magnetostriction in the layered antiferromagnet MnCI2
13. Rotational invariance and magnetoflexural oscillations of ferromagnetic plates and rods
14. Spin-correlation effects for a large-radius electron center in a magnetically mixed semiconductor
15. Spin polarization of localized magnetic moments in Cd0,95Mn_0,05Te in exchange scattering by photoexcited carriers
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