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ЖЭТФ, Том 132, Вып. 6, стр. 1266 (Декабрь 2007)
(Английский перевод - JETP, Vol. 105, No 6, p. 1107, December 2007 доступен on-line на www.springer.com )

Soa D.V., Dao Le Thuy, Le Nhu Thuc

Поступила в редакцию: 14 Марта 2007

PACS: 12.60.Fr, 14.80.Cp, 12.60.Cn, 14.80.Mz

DJVU (168.2K) PDF (369.7K)

The \mathrm {SU}(3)_C\otimes \mathrm {SU}(3)_L \otimes {\mathrm U}(1)_X gauge model with two Higgs triplets (the economical 3-3-1 model) is presented. The minimal Higgs potential is considered in detail, and new Higgs bosons with the mass proportional to the bilepton mass are predicted. In the effective approximation, the charged Higgs bosons H^{\pm}_2 are scalar bileptons, while the neutral scalar bosons H0 and H01 do not carry lepton number. The couplings of the charged Higgs bosons to leptons and quarks are given. We show that Yukawa couplings of H^{\pm}_2 to ordinary leptons and quarks are lepton-number violating. Pair production of H_2^\pm at high-energy e+ e- colliders with polarization of the e+, e- beams is studied in detail. Numerical evaluation shows that if the Higgs mass is not too heavy then the reaction can give observable cross section in future colliders at high degree of polarization. The reaction e^+ e^- \rightarrow H^{\pm}_2W^{\mp} is also examined. We show that the production cross sections of H^{\pm}_2W^{\mp} are very small, much below the pair production of H^{\pm}_2, and therefore the associated production of H^{\pm}_2 and W^{\mp} is in general not expected to lead to easily observable signals in e+e- annihilation.

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