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ЖЭТФ, Том 145, Вып. 1, стр. 43 (Январь 2014)
(Английский перевод - JETP, Vol. 118, No 1, p. 34, January 2014 доступен on-line на www.springer.com )

Robles-Perez S., Gonzalez-Diaz P.F.

Поступила в редакцию: 13 Марта 2013

DOI: 10.7868/S0044451014010052

DJVU (266K) PDF (438.2K)

We show that the quantum state of a multiverse made up of classically disconnected regions of the space-time, whose dynamical evolution is dominated by a homogeneous and isotropic fluid, is given by a squeezed state. These are typical quantum states that have no classical counterpart and therefore allow analyzing the violation of classical inequalities as well as the EPR argument in the context of the quantum multiverse. The thermodynamical properties of entanglement are calculated for a composite quantum state of two universes whose states are quantum mechanically correlated. The energy of entanglement between the positive and negative modes of a scalar field, which correspond to the expanding and contracting branches of a phantom universe, are also computed.

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